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Aroush _ Logo 2019 __ Grey __ 592x365  .


The  Office Building located in Villa Rica, GA is a multi-story 88,000 square foot, single tenant office building. The exterior design approach is intended to reflect the Client’s drive for technology and healthcare. Through the expression of structural elements and the application of crisp composite metal panels, the aesthetic and formal exterior features strive to reflect the client’s drive for technology. Also, the client’s pursuit to be the leading healthcare/patient transportation company in the country is expressed by grounding the building on a formalized plinth and allowing the exterior to respond to context and site.

Interior light harvesting and the incorporation of vertical and horizontal spatial defining elements designate paths of circulation and waypoints, assisting occupants with navigating across a large building footprint. The ground floor overhead doors that transition between interior lounge-cafeteria and exterior courtyard creates a feature where exterior and interior blend to enhance the occupant’s enjoyment of the space.

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